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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Milton, underwear, chili, and Buttons.

It’s cold and rainy, my kind of day. I’m working on my presentation for The Enlightenment class and need to run to the used book store to, well to peruse. I want a good biography on Milton. I know the used book store will have something, but the rain is keeping me in. I just have one more day of antibiotics, and I’m afraid if I get out, well I will get sick. So, while I’m enjoying the rain, I feel like a prisoner.

I did make some chili and a pan of Mexican cornbread, and a loaf of banana bread. I had three mushy bananas and decided to make use of them. I also had a lot of left over beans and stuff to make the chili. Saturday is usually soup day, but today it’s chili.

Anyway, while I was sitting up to study, you know getting the right books, notebooks, pencils, and notepads, I noticed that my work station was a little more cluttered than normal, so I took an inventory. Mr. Zelda’s work table was all cleaned off and neat, so I looked at the added stuff on my desk top and low and behold Mr. Zelda’s things, like last semester’s notebooks, and books, and papers, and folders, and empty medicine bottles, and scrap paper, and unused math stuff, well they were here on my desk. I immediately called him and wanted to know if he put them there for me to toss in the trash or did he think I needed them, or just what were his things doing on my desk. HA! He goes into this long excuse that he was just cleaning his space and forgot to put his stuff up. I say likely story but nonetheless, the new me, the one who can’t take care of him, well she put his stuff right back on his desk. It’s bad enough that I wash, fold, and put up his underwear, and hang up his shirts and pants, but I have to draw the line somewhere or I cease being a wife and become a secretary/personal assistant/ mother to the man who is my equal. No way.

Oh, oh, my son just called and I’m getting the baby for two whole days. Yes, she, my daughter, wants to party and he, my son refused to babysat, so she, my daughter, told him to bring Buttons to me. Yes, yes, yes, there are gods and they are smiling down on me.
Okay, back to figuring out why Milton wrote Paradise Lost, anyone got any idea


Blogger delagar said...

Why Milton wrote Paradise Lost: to justify God's ways to man. Hey, that's an easy one. Says so right there at the start.

Milton's such a weasel.

7:38 AM  
Blogger zelda1 said...

But really can it be that easy. He wanted to do an epic, a hero's journey, but instead opted for cheating and using something already written. Was it the enlightenment that made him do the fall instead of an authurian tale? Because what he writes in Paradise Lost is contrary to what he wrote in his political tracts. I don't know, I am going for the difficult answer and if I don't find it, then it will be simply to justufy God's way to man.

5:38 AM  

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