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Monday, January 23, 2006

It will get better

Yesterday was bitter sweet. All week, I had been anticipating having both grandsons. My son was going to sneak them up to me. Sneak them to me, isn’t that ridiculous? Well, at the last minute crazy psycho drug addicted daughter was on to him and refused to let him leave the house with the boys. So, I have made arrangements to see Poseidon through his other grandparents, but Buttons has to come from her end. I did talk to him on the phone, and he said, “Nana, Nana, Granddad, and froggy.” Those are the three things he really loves. I know this because the first thing he does when I see him is run and climb in my lap and hug and kiss me, and then he asks for Granddad, and then finally froggy. I don’t send froggy home with him because she would leave it somewhere. She can’t even keep up with the baby’s shoes.

But, but the sweet was my adopted granddaughter came for the afternoon. It was so much fun. We colored, looked for mythological coloring pages, played games, and finally quizzed each other over Mythology, fairy tales, and Princess stories. It was really fun seeing how smart that one is. She actually asked me a question that I didn’t know, well I knew it but it was one of those words that didn’t come out for the longest time and when it did, she had started saying it, so I was counted a big fat X mark.

Maybe next weekend will be pretty and all three kids can come up, and we can take a lunch to the park and play on the rock castle. Maybe.

My son did say that she is getting really tired of not having me have the baby. Also, the lawyer, especially the prosecuting attorney, is very optimistic that she will be jailed for probation violation. It’s just a matter of time for these things to work is what they say.
Hope so, and that sounds awful. I would rather my daughter quit the dope, quit running with losers, and get her life back. That’s what I want more than anything, but while I am waiting for that, I can’t subject my grandsons to her dangerous life.


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