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I live in a small town and enjoy writing about the inhabitants. I spend most of my time perusing through used book stores looking for that one great book that I don't have; consequently, I have rooms filled with books. I am a book addict.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Okay, life isn't all bad.

The things I like about this semester:
I like my classes.
I like my professors. So far.
I have friends in all of my classes but one, and it looks like my fellow students will be easy to warm up to, they are actually my age.
I love what I’m getting to read.
I found out why my belly hurts, and the good news, it’s not cancer.
I have such good friends.
I think, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but my heavy smoking neighbors are moving. YEAH!
Finally, two more left, yep, two more semesters left.


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