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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Friends, Naming, and Remembering Happier Times

My friends came up, and we went out to eat, and then off to the movies. It was great. I have to tell you, my friends are decades younger than I. So, when we are talking, which is what we did after the movie, came back here and talked, we have much to offer to each other. It is hard for them to believe that when I was a teenager, girls did not wear pants to school, not until I was about to graduate. They were amazed that I saw the technology of panty hose. Yep, panty hoses. I remember my first pair. OH MY GOD, got rid of the garter belt for good. I also remember no microwaves, no computers, no colored televising and much more of the not-around-type of stuff.

We also discussed mythology and Biblical myth, which are my favorite subjects. I love to compare the myths of the Bible to the myths of Gilgamesh, Popul Vuh, Egyptian, Greek, and even Roman myths. I adore Norse myths, Native American myth, which, by the way, I grew up with, and all other myths. I hear something that sounds like an archetype or a myth, I search for the truth, or the genesis of it, and usually, I find it. So, it was nice sitting there with my young friends, one of which is a young boy and a history major, a soon-to-graduate young woman, who will apply to graduate school up here, and a cute and charming early twenties girl, who looks like a child and is so smart and cleaver and mature for her age and what she has been through. So, we all get so heated and passionate about what we are talking about that we have to back off and remember that all of us can’t talk at once. It’s awesome.

They are all three good kids, and yes they are kids. I see great things for all of them, and hope they stay in school and that they stay focused, and have their PhD’s early and can make a mark on the world that has a long and fruitful stay.

Sometimes, it is so cool being me and having the friends and opportunities that I have, and sometimes, I have enough friends to soothe the pain that lies just under the surface.

Today, I’m watching my adopted granddaughter, and I think my son is sneaking Buttons, and the seven-year-old grandson, who still has no cyber name and I know that is so not fair. In fact, I think I will name the adopted granddaughter, hmmmm, she is so smart. I think I will give her a mythological name, maybe Athena Child, and the boy, who likes to hunt and fish and do all those earthy things, hmmmm, let me think Poseidon, yes that will work, he loves to fish, loves to swim, and I think that fits him, although, I don’t think he would hurt anyone, but it’s myths, right.

A few summers ago, I took Athena Child and Poseidon to the park on a man made lake to fish. WE had worms, and livers, and lures, all things you need, even gloves and lysol wipes. Well, I made the kids do a magic dance, both kids were six or five, anyway, we are this peer and we are singing a chant to the gods for the fish to come to the hooks, although, I really didn't want to catch fish, that, to me, is gruesome. So the kids were fishing and Athena Child caught her first fish. Poseidon, who always catches little perch and catfish, began to do the dance and chant. It was so funny. Then two beavers swam by and we watched the little fellows, and then we got sidetracked by the gesse and ducks, and finally we abandoned fish for ice cream and the park toys. It was great.


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