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Thursday, January 19, 2006

A cool semester, I'm sure of it.

My classes are so cool. I love all my professors, well so far I do. My literary theory guy is a low talker but he stands in front of me and so until I get my hearing aides, I think I can survive. My enlightenment guy, is young and cute and energetic, he reminds me of my favorite English teacher from undergrad., my Chaucer teacher, and he also reminds me of my African American Teacher, both of which were my favorite teachers. I went up before class and told him that I was very hard of hearing and if he didn’t mind talking loudly or allowing me to look at my friends notes during class, at least until I get my hearing aides. He was so cool about it, and stood near my desk and kept facing me so that I was able to read his lips. It was great. My Latin teacher is the same one from last semester and he talks loud and repeats everything and writes a lot on the board, so keep up with him is no big deal. Plus, I can email him and say, I didn’t catch this or that and he will send me what he said. This semester seems so much more right than last semester. My professors are much more positive and their lectures reflect their desire to teach, plus they ask questions that aren’t meant to trick or embarrass us. I am going to the history class today, a class I will probably drop, but my class mates, those who know this teacher and have taken her says, don’t drop her, she is really cool and while there is a lot of work, she is so easy and helpful. Plus, they say, you learn so much about medieval Rome. Now, that’s what I need, to learn about Rome. I need to learn about the BC stuff. Yep, this semester is going to be my oyster, or so I hope.
By the way, my son called me and let me talk to the baby, Buttons jabbered and he also said Nanna, Granddad, and nooooo, and I love you. He, my son, is going to bring both boys up Saturday. He said she, my daughter asked him to watch the boys, which means she is going to get drugs, cook drugs, or just take drugs. IN any event, she will be gone Saturday and Saturday night, so my son and the boys are coming up here. I am thrilled. I can live through pretty much any pain, but I can’t go without seeing my grandchildren. I just can’t do it.
Well, I must get back to reading, it’s all about reading.


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