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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Can any ulcer be good? I think not.

I am so keeping up this semester. Yep, I have already read tomorrow’s assignments; even though I am not going to be in class (have two doctor’s appointments). I am finished with today’s assignments, and have already begun doing next week’s stuff. No playing around for this old woman.

But, my doctor puts me on this antibiotic, I’m on it at least twice a year, very strong but very effective against hypostatic pneumonia, which is what I have, caused by so many asthma attacks and having the products of the attacks staying in my lungs while I sleep. That causes me to get pneumonia. Anyway, always he says, it’ll give you a bad taste. I say, I know. He says, your food will taste funny. I say, I know. He says, take it with food. I say, I know. Now remember, this doctor is one of the kids that I babysat for, his parents were friends of my older brother, and they had two sons. One night, their mother had a massive heart attack; the boys were 1 and 2. So, every summer and holidays, I took care of them while their father worked, (basically to give the grandparents a break) and I took care of them when he went places. I also ironed and cleaned their house a few days a week, so I was real close to those boys and remained close to them, even now. I was reluctant when our insurance made me switch to his group of doctors, because, well he is like family, but he is so good, and will see me in the middle of the night, call medicine in for me, and basically is my own private doctor. I still call him Skippy. Yep, right in the office, I say Skippy where’s your coat, where’s your gloves, all of that. He laughs.
Anyway, the truth about the strong antibiotic is that it only makes my coffee taste bad. Another truth about the medication and all the other antibiotics that I’ve been on, plus the arthritis medications, is that I have developed a series of ulcers—two small ones in my stomach and three in my upper small intestine. After doing the ultrasound, the Ct scan, the UGI, Skippy has decided to send me to a surgeon. He says, this doesn’t mean you need surgery, it just means we need to have a specialists deal with this. I say, yeah, more medicine. He says, maybe not, maybe he can do something that will not require much surgery, like a tiny cut. I say, okay. So, I’m going to pick out my hearing aides and see the surgeon, all on Friday. Yippy, I say.


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