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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Post excitement blues

Hey, Happy Holidays! I hope your celebrations, are peaceful, fun, and memorable. Today, I am enjoying the quiet.

My children came up for Christmas Eve, that’s what we celebrate. I have never been one who could hold off until Christmas day, so they came up Friday, I cooked desserts, Saturday, I cooked the turkey and the rest of the fattening but good food, and we spent the day waiting for evening and telling the grandchildren about Christmas Eves when their Nana was a little girl and when their mommy was a little girl. Uncle played games with them, and I threw out little hints about what I had bought.

Then, it began to get dark and we took the children into the little television room, where the gifts were waiting. They tore into their packages and true to every child’s actions, tossed the sack of socks, underwear, and other useful items to the side, to get to the good stuff.

Not long after the wrapping paper was picked up and all the put-together toys were assembled, she, my daughter, began loading everything into the back of my son’s truck, including Button’s things. I asked her to leave him, and she said, “He’s my son and I’m taking him home.” My son whispered, “Don’t worry, I’m going to stay there until she gets tired and brings him back to you.” My son will take good care of the baby, I know this, but he, the baby, was getting in a good routine here.

I was about to insist that she leave him, but as she began loading everything up, the baby began screaming. I realized that he was afraid she was going to leave him. I couldn’t fight her, not with the baby so upset. I made my son promise me that he would stay there night and day until I got down there Monday. She had Buttons on her hip, wrapped in his Sponge Bob blanket, and he leaned over and kissed me and kissed Granddad and then they were gone. Just like that.

Today, I am drinking a cup of strong coffee, watching the squirrels, and missing the baby. That was our routine, he sitting in his chair, drinking juice and eating breakfast, and me drinking coffee and picking up little bits of food that he tossed to the floor. He loves the squirrels and the birds. But tomorrow, Mr. Zelda and I are driving down the mountain to take the seven-year-old’s, who I must give a name and will in the coming up days, telescope to him. We are going to set it up and when the moon and planets make their appearance, we will find them and let him see. It was too cloudy last night for us to find anything, and we are selfish, we want to be the first to see his face when he actually sees the craters on the moon. On our way home, we are going to stop at my house, which is where my daughter lives, and hopefully, we can bring Buttons back up here where he will be safe, if not, I am calling the police.


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