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Friday, December 09, 2005

Hey, I actually had time to post.

Okay,I finished my last paper. It will do, it could have been better, but I am so tired that I am turning in a spur of the moment pretext one draft paper with only proofreading as my revision. Okay, I know, I know, I should do better and I might. It is due tomorrow, yep, Saturday. My Latin final is at 7:30 and my Pedagogy final is at noon and at noon is when the paper is due. Then, then, I am going to friends and celebrate four birthdays, the end of the semester, and that Sunday I am getting my grandson, the baby. Yep, life is going to be good. I’m thinking a little drinking is in order, but since my husband thinks if I take one drink it will either turn me into an alcoholic or push me into depression or mania, I am going to have to do my drinking in disguise, not me, the drink. I am going to pass it off as apple cider. Yep, that will be what I am going to drink. I am not rooster pecked, if that’s what you guys are thinking, it’s just that, well, I don’t want to stress my little man, no way, he is too sweet to worry about me, and if I said I am going to drink and get drunk he would not pout or say no or any of those things; I think it is the sneaking that makes the drinking fun. I don’t know; I am so fucked up from issues that at this point, I will not try and analyze why I do any of the things I do. But, one more day of school, and I will have three, three, three, did you hear me? Three semesters left. Then it’s off to PhD school. Yep, so if anyone knows anyone out there who can get me into a really good graduate school with a medieval studies program, hey, hook me up. I will have my Masters in three more semesters. My languages are Spanish, English, Latin, and soon I will add Ancient Greek and a little bit of Hebrew that hopefully I will be able to develop into more than a little bit. I am also a really good person, while I am mentally ill, I keep it under control, I like blue and red, and I am liberal and feel that women should rule the earth. I have beautiful hawk feathers and claws hidden away for use in certain kinds of ceremonies that require dancing under a full moon and calling on the goodness of the earth and wind and sometimes fire. I know, I know a great group they were but I’m not talking about those guys. Okay, too much information so I’m going back to studying and baking some really great little pecan bars.


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