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Friday, January 02, 2009

Is it my buisness?

I suppose I'm old fashioned. I don't mean to be, but I am. For instance, I don't like seeing old women showing their C U next Tuesdays or old men in spandex. But, I also don't understand why a man and a woman in a committed relationship must have boyfriends or girlfriends. Why is it okay for those men or women who have outside relationships to bring the children into it too? Is that okay? My mother's first husband took his older kids over to his girlfriend's house and my sisters still talk about how upsetting it was for them to see their father showing attention to this woman, who, by the way, wasn't a stranger. I remember when my first husband and I divorced. Two years past before I started seeing anyone and I didn't bring him around my children becausee I didn't want to parade men in and out of their lives until I was sure. But, one day, the children and I were on our way to the movies and the man, a very nice man, drove past and stopped and came up to say hello. When he got ready to be on his way, he kissed me on the cheek and my children were upset about this man touching their mom. Later, when they were much older, I started seeing Mr. Zelda and at first, they were weird about it all. Maybe that's just my children and others are luckier to have children who are not bothered when mommie bangs her boyfriend in the room next to where they are sleeping or mommie goes on week long visits to see her boyfriend while leaving child and father at home. I'm not liking this and really it isn't any of my buisness. But when it is put out there in the blogsphere for all to read and see and form opinions over, then I must respond. It just cannot be good for the kids is all I'm saying.


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