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Monday, October 06, 2008

She's gone

So, the step daughter left for home, and I breathe. My stepdaughter is 38 and is the biggest prescription drug addict that I have ever. Let’s just say that within two weeks, she tried every drug seeking tactic known to drug addicts. Every day there was a new health tragedy consisting of needing pain medication. By the way, she took, without asking, all of my pain medication, which really pissed me off. In the course of two weeks, she had severe joint pain, a severe headache, massive cramps, fibroid pain, a huge toothache, and severe cramps again. In addition, she thought she had breasts cancer, uterine cancer, and crone’s disease. Yeah, my life sucked as I listened to her many complaints and tried to avoid getting sucked into her hypochondria. In the mean time, she basically ignored her three-year-old son. Her idea of parenting consisted of her staying up all night playing online, while he wandered the living room until he dropped. When I tried to put him to bed, she went in and woke him up. Because, she wanted him up all night so she could get him to sleep all day with her. And, when he didn’t sleep all day, he was left to his own devices until I came home. At her home, her mother-in-law lives with them, and she, we figure, takes care of the baby during the day and the eleven-year-old daughter picks up when she comes home from school. From what we gather, the step daughter just exists to eat drugs, drink vodka, and play on line. By the way, Mouse, the booze you left, she so bogarted. I’m sorry and will replace it soon. But today, I’m free, free, free at last. I can actually leave my purse and my pain meds out again. Yeah!!!


Blogger delagar said...

Good shit. How awful.

10:42 AM  
Blogger Mouse said...

She drank my rum! All of it? That was a rather large bottle. like whoa.

6:58 PM  
Blogger jo(e) said...


7:48 AM  

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