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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Meeting My Guppies

Mr. Zelda and I get to school and he keeps assuring me we have time to get upstairs, make my coffee, drink a little of that coffee, and get my shit together. Who knew one of the two only elevators in the building would be broken and I’m on the seventh floor. Finally, elevator gets there, I run get water, grind beans, make coffee, look for poem that I wanted to read, grab stuff, get a cup of coffee from the pot while it is still dripping, burn hand. OH FUCK.Get to the elevator at exactly 7:25, bounce up and down and say shit I’m late and oh shit and tell Mr. Zelda it’s all his fault because he insisted we didn’t need to leave the house at 6 but at 6:45. Elevator opens, I hit floor two and tell hubby he is going to ride down to 2 and then back up to four because I don’t have time to stop, but it does stop and he smiles and off he goes and a young girl in pointed shoes gets on and wearing lots of noisy jewelry and much makeup and smells like strong stuff and she says she is late and I say me too and we began going down the shaft, and how sexual does that sound, but anyway, hoping that it doesn’t stop on three and it does and I say shit, I’m late for the hundredth time and drop my pile of books and say fuck and finally we are on two and I am running down the hall and leaving pointy shoe girl in my dust and I get to class, walk in, and see my students and when I’m at the front, I say, I sometimes say bad words, I don’t mean to, but they just pop out so if you get offended easily, you might want to consider dropping my class and as an after thought, I say, I rarely say the F word and about that time pointy shoe girl walks in and says, really, only if she drops her books. There you have it, day one with my guppies


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