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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Destruction of Iraqi's people

My friend is from Iraq, and he is in this country to get a Masters degree. Last year he and I became more than just casual friends, meaning, we talked about our families and other things, but this year, we are confidants, as much as we can be with our cultural and linguistic differences. He understands about 75 percent of my English and I understand about 95 percent of his English. I don’t know if that is good or bad. Today, I saw him and he looked like he has lost weight, and he certainly had an air of worry to his facial expression. I asked him about his family and he began to tell me how worried he is for his family, how they can’t leave their home, not just because of the fear of what the radical right wing religious groups would do, but also what the American soldiers would do to them too. He said that while Americans think we are over there creating a democracy, we are really over there stirring up trouble between the religious zealots, the Iraqis, and the Arabs, all who want control of the country. Those citizens who just want to live are caught in the middle. I asked him when he goes back will he teach and he said that all professors, scientists, and any other professionals are being killed. He said his brother’s neighbor, who was the major, was cut open with large swords and left on his family’s doorsteps and a warning was given to leave the body or more would die, so for days the body lay in the desert heat, decomposing while his family had to go about business as usual until finally they were allowed to bury him. My friend is very sad and worried about his family and his country. He is also being harassed by ignorant ass holes around here who think he is a terrorist because he is from Iraq. He was even told not to discuss the conditions in Iraq that there are too many students at our university who will rat him out and he could face deportation or his family could face repercussions. When we were talking, I realized that his is probably the first time that I have truly been so ashamed of the country of my birth, that I am ashamed of what we have done to his country and his people and if folks in this country are so damned ignorant to think that we are creating a safe democratic country over there, they need to talk to people who are from there, who still have family members there, and get the truth. My heart is so heavy for my friend and I am going to have him over for food at my house and have some of my friends over and let him know that we are not all ignorant in this country.


Blogger Mouse said...

holy hell....I wish we'd never gone to Iraqi, terrorist or not. I just don't think that the death toll has been worth it...

I wonder were the death toll stands now in comparison between the war and 9/11.

I wouldn't be suprised if they are damn close to equal or if the war was exceeding.

8:28 AM  
Blogger jo(e) said...

I am sometimes ashamed to be an American.

8:16 AM  
Blogger delagar said...

So, do you think the dinner went off? I tried not to be too scary, but I'm not sure that's possible for me...tnx for the rocks, btw! I like the slate best.

9:46 AM  
Blogger TOR Hershman said...

To hear moi's lill' take on the hubbub just copy, paste then google

tor hershman oh osama

not your averagé "Osama/Bush" parody.

Stay on Groovin' Safari,

1:47 AM  
Blogger zelda1 said...

Delagar, I think it went well and don't think he was afraid. In fact, I think it was a relief from no contact with anyone other than those folks at the university. He has offered to cook for Mr. Zelda and me. Hmmm wonder if he washes his hands. I'm sure he does.

1:41 PM  

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