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Saturday, February 04, 2006

It's all about timing.

Mr. Zelda went to the ortho surgeon who says, “Yep, it’s broken, and yep, it needs surgery.” He said a lot of other things too, like he couldn’t understand how it broke. There was no fall, no accident, just a little slip. He also pointed out a huge growth of what he thought might be a calcium deposit just posterior to the break, which could be a bone tumor. He has Mr. Zelda wearing a very long impressive brace that has been wrapped with ace wrap, and he was told not to ever take it off, not matter what. And he says before he operates, he wants to investigate the cause of the break. I’m thinking, he’s thinking a form of bone cancer. I just can not think of any other reason why Mr. Zelda’s bone would break. The x-rays of both legs show bones that don’t look compromised from arthritis, or brittleness, or any thing like that, so he, the doctor, is going to investigate. In the mean while, Mr. Zelda is trying not to act all afraid, but I know he is, and the weight of the brace is killing him, plus he is going to try using crutches instead of a walker, which I warned him how sore his arms and writs would get. On top of all of that, and I do sympathize with Mr. Zelda and am worried about him too, but lifting his leg up and down and putting on his shoes, pants, socks, and wrapping the new brace that is never to be taken off no matter what with plastic for him to shower, is killing my back. I feel like a rat for complaining. So, this morning, he is asleep and I am being ever so quiet so that he doesn’t hear me and wake up because you would be surprised how many things that man wants in a matter of an hour’s time. Honey get me a glass of milk, honey get me my book, honey I’m hungry, honey are there cookies, I need my pillow fluffed, I need my foot scratched, I can’t see the TV, I see the TV too much, can you pull my pants legs down, no over my socks, no pull my socks up, then pull my pants legs down, my house shoes feel like they aren’t on. SCREAMMMMMING. Today, I’m going to the library and my son is going to Mr. Zelda sit. Yeah!


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