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Friday, February 10, 2006

He tried to hide his nerve.

The asshole professor that I hate spoke to me yesterday in a very condescending way. My friend, who also hates him, and I were reading dirty poems to each other, trying to one up. Anyway, in walks Mr. I’d Rather Be At Harvard. He didn’t want to come over and say hi, but I think he realized we were discussing our contempt for him and so he felt obligated to face his enemies and with that shit-eating grin asked how we and ours are doing. I looked at him and said as well as any village idiot can be doing, and he says village idiot, and I say yeah, remember you said that any one who made a B in your class was a village idiot since even the A students were idiots because God knows all people from the South are totally idiots just because we live in the part of the country that tried to leave the USA. (I say this even though I am so against slavery, and he looks like and acts like all minorities especially women are beneath him.) He makes this frown like he doesn’t remember saying that in class, and my friend chimes in and says yep, I guess we were all pretty much village idiots in your eyes. He, the stupid professor, says he hates that we feel that way and walks away, my friend writes on a piece of paper that he, the professor, is socially retarded, and I say, no he is a Dick!

My point, professors of his idiocrisy should learn one thing about women my age, well there are many things he should learn but the main one is that we speak our mind. Don’t come over to me after you have not even read my paper, nor given me a fair chance at discussion in your class, or ever tried to hidethe fact you think I am too old to be at this university and not expect me to tell you what I think, because I will do that and more. Plus, I am 51, have no estrogen so your trying to use a cute little smile looks dumb not cute, and I don’t really need a job so if you rat me out and try and get me in trouble, no biggy. I am here to learn and expand my reading and writing experiences, not pave the way for a career, if it happens great but if not, I still have my nest egg. So there, Mr. Ass hole professor.


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