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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Only on Sundays

On our way home, we stopped at a restaurant that was a no smoking restaurant. We are spoiled, living here on the Hill. We don’t have to endure the smell of smoke while we eat or shop or any other indoor type of activity. Smoking, in our city, has been banned. But, on our way home from Houston, we stopped at a Family restaurant and on the door was a sign that said, “No Smoking.” Okay, we go in and order our food and some time during the meal, a man lights up a cigarette, right next to our table. I have asthma and began wheezing and my meal is ruined and I do my inhaler and we go to the front of the restaurant and Mr. Zelda says we thought this was a No Smoking establishment, and they say it is and we say but that guy is smoking and she says it’s not Sunday and I say what does that mean and she says we only have no smoking on Sundays I say can we have a table in the non smoking part of the restaurant so we can finish our food without me dying and she says pick any table and I say is that table in the non smoking and she says on Sundays. Geeze are these people from Texas are what?


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