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Thursday, January 05, 2006


I guess this trip liberated me. I mean, I know that I have no reason to worry about what they, my family, think of me. I don’t care of they don’t understand why I want to get my PhD. I don’t care of they have a good or bad opinion of me. I guess it was their questions about why I needed so much education just to teach English, or their jealousy, yes, I saw it, or their looks. I know you guys who have sisters know what I mean. They ask a question, and I really don’t want them knowing anything about my life, but I have to answer, and so they have me trapped and I begin showing my passion, I hated it, that part of my life being seen by them, but I tell them a little more than I intended, and I look toward one of the sisters and quickly see her give the other sisters that look, that look I know so well. It was then that I remembered all those years when I was a child and then an adolescent, and I remembered how they did the same thing, and why I was not ever able to discuss what I was learning in school, what I was reading, what I was doing. Why is it that the people who are suppose to provide you with a safe and comfortable place to go are the very ones who set the traps that put the scars on your heart that last a life time? And the really sad thing, you can’t just tell them to get the fuck away.


Blogger Diane said...

Actually, you DON'T have to answer.

6:58 PM  
Blogger zelda1 said...

I know, and I am learning not to answer, but for some reason, my older sisters have this key and it opens no matter how hard I try to keep it closed. My solutions has always been to avoid them as much as possible.

5:50 PM  

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