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Thursday, January 12, 2006

When Nature Calls

I miss by huge back yard. I really miss my trees and especially my huge oak tree, but most of all, I miss the birds and squirrels that live in the trees and bushes around my place. So, I started feeding the birds and squirrels. I have yet to buy a real bird feeder or squirrel feeder, so I put a wicker plate filled with dried fruit, nuts, and bread on the top of a stack of milk cartons. At first the birds were shy. They would eat before I opened the curtain that hangs in front of my patio door. Okay, but they were eating. Then I had one squirrel. He monopolized the feeding place until all the nuts were gone, then he wondered away. In the last few days, two more squirrels have been coming around for a little mid morning snack. Okay, I’m not upset, the more the merrier, so I just put extra food out for the birds. This morning, curtains open, wicker plate empty, I’m drinking coffee and the squirrel that I named sassy comes right up to the patio window and peeks in, when he sees me, he twitches his tail. So, like a good trained human, I go get nuts and bread, and chopped up carrots and bananas. I’m such a sucker for a pretty face.


Blogger Mouse said...

How nifty! You know we have red birds, blue birds, squirels, mockingbirds, etc. in our backyard, and they have come to expect us to feed them too. If the birds are out of food, they walk the ground, making lots of noise, and the squirels hang around the door, waiting. Animals are so smart :)

11:45 AM  
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