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Sunday, January 15, 2006

When Kids don't grow up to be responsible

My grandson is going back to his mom. It’s true she took him Christmas Eve and swore that I wasn’t going to get him again, then she brought him back and he was with me for a few days and then she took him again, and last week, she brought him back. I tried to get him in daycare but without his parent’s consent, they would not take him. I explained that his mother was not in the best of shape, and it’s just a matter of time before I have custody, but they said, “She will have to sign him up.” She, of course, refused to sign him up for daycare, so, he isn’t in daycare, and today, he is going home. That means that in a few days, he will be back and I will not have child care. I wish my daughter would think more clearly and sign custody over to me. It makes sense for a lot of reasons: first if she gets busted, which is sure to happen, Buttons doesn’t have to spend one minute in foster care. Second, in my care, he is safe and would be provided for, cared for, and never neglected. And third, living with her puts him at risk for a lot of things, the primary thing being injury from neglect. The second being social retardation because he gets no stimulation from her. Fortunately, my son is living there now, and he takes care of Buttons, or at least until he has to be at work. Tuesday, I will try again to get her probation officer to do a surprise drug test, so far, all she does is warn my daughter that jail is in her future if she gets one more complaint about her. The probation department, at least in our state, is a joke. They collect the fine money, the court money, and the probation money, yet, they don’t provide any form of follow-up care which would stop the offender from re-offending. So, I’m back to being in a nice big fat pickle with no where to go except down. I need to go pack Buttons’ clothes. Damn, I wish I could force my daughter into drug rehab. Arkansas has such a drug problem, especially with women, but they have no provisions for rehabilitation. Maybe, I’ll send him his favorite blanket, that way when he goes to bed and wakes up he will feel somewhat secure. God, I hate what my daughter has become.


Blogger Diane said...

Is there no drug addiction halfhouse around? If not, what about in the next state? Sometimes these are very inexpensive.

4:58 PM  
Blogger zelda1 said...

There are plenty of treatment centers here, but she doesn't want to admit that she has a problem. Plus, she is 28 years old, which means that I can't force her. I am trying to get her probation officer to intervene, but she has so many women that she supervises, well as long as my daughter doesn't get arrested she is one of her good ones. So, my hope is that she does get arrested and she gets sentenced to prison. Here, in our state, they have a prison just for women on drugs and alcohol and the success rate is pretty good. They get parenting classes, drug rehab, psychological thearpy, and much more. That is why I have been trying to get her arrested, for her life, because she can't go on doing meth like she is and more importantly for my grandsons.

4:02 AM  

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