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Friday, July 04, 2008

Zelda's Rants

Okay, some updates:

Why do we care that a transgendered woman to man had a baby? I mean, he still has a uterus and a vagina and ovaries and PMS so that’s not a miracle; now if a transgendered man to a woman got pregnant then I’d be impressed!

And why is it that a judge awarded a man millions for losing penis because of a medical mistake and not once has there been even an apology for all the breasts and uteruses that have been yanked out. I mean, really, do you know how many breasts were hacked off during the sixties and seventies and there was no cancer and no money. I know the penis is important and yes it is worth a lot but so are our reproductive organs.

Okay, I hate when the political people, Rightwing nuts play with the public using hostages? I mean really, how many times hostages get release during the election process so that some rightwing nut can take credit. Do they think we are ignorant? I hate that they wait so long and make the hostages wait so long before they actually do something. I know, I know, they were doing something, but it just came together election year. Yeah, right. I’m bitter.

And finally, who the fuck cares about the fucking baby bump. I mean really, half of those baby bump suspects are truly pms or tma (too much alcohol), or tmc (too many carbs) do we really need to sit on the edge of our seats to see who is having the next designer set of twins. And please, someone stop the use of third world children being used for arm jewelry.


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