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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


You know, sometimes I get all nostalgic about the first time. You know, the first time I rode a bike; the first time I kissed a boy; the first time that I voluntarily had sex. So, I’m remembering Gary. He was this blond curly haired boy who drove a maroon colored 63 Chevrolet. He and his uncle had rebuilt the engine and it didn’t always start. He took the automatic transmission out and put a standard transmission in and made the gear shift in the floor and he had this huge fist for the shift knob. There were bucket seats and an eight track player and no air conditioner. We met at my friend’s house and were sort of set up. He was my age and cute and not vulgar like other boys who were always staring at my chest and making crude remarks about sex. So, Gary and I dated and we both loved CCR and we loved cruising and he smoked Marlboro cigarettes and pot and I liked pot, and we ended up dating all the way through high school and he asked me to marry him and I wanted to but I couldn’t just marry right after high school, so two days after I got my diploma, I gave him back his class ring.
I had lost my virginity when my mom’s boyfriend raped me, but I had never gone all the way with a boy. Over that fist summer, Gary and I made out. WE made out a lot, but I would never let him take my clothes off nor would I let him do it. He tried, oh did he try, but I would say no. But then my friends were all talking about having sex and how it was so nice and I had only been raped and so I thought I’d do it. Gary and I were going to see some John Wayne movie and I say, let’s go parking and he looked at me and I say, you wanna do it. He slammed on his breaks and turned the car around and drove like a bat out of hell back to the dirt road that led to an isolated area past the coal mines. Years later, Gary’s uncle bought that land and Gary talked him into filling in the land and planting a cherry orchard. Gary always had a sense of humor.
So, we’re in the country, parked behind a little grove of trees and he is like this child who has never seen toys and then toys are there and he’s taking off my clothes and his clothes and we’re like breathing really hard and I am thinking of backing out but for some reason I am not able to control myself and we do it. It lasted only a short time and I don’t think it was all that good. I mean I’ve had much better lovers, but in all my life, I’ll never have a sexual encounter as hot or as sweet, or as erotic as that first time.


Blogger delagar said...

Ooo, Z. There's a story here...the last line is the one about the cherry orchard.

1:49 PM  
Blogger zelda1 said...

Yeah, a few years ago, I went driving through there and saw the cherry trees and decided to stop and steal a few. I picked a couple and here comes Gary's uncle and he says, get all you want. Then, with a sly look says, I reckon there's been a lot of cherries planted here and I laughed. It was the big makeout area of our town. The lover's lane. LOL

4:23 PM  

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