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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

who needs a heart when a heart can .....

So, my husband has been really, I mean really good to me. Okay, not like sexually or that, but for Christmas he bought me a new laptop, yep really nice one; also, he bought me a really nice bag for said lap top, and a really nice day planner and a really nice other thing that I don’t really know what to call it; he also got me a scanner, a new photo printer, and finally, drum roll please, a new IPod. Yep, it is, as Mr. Delagar so adequately says, a new penis, or in my case a penis. I have this really nice case and new earphones but no one can mistake what is in that case and I see people looking at it and shaking their head with approval, or maybe they have Parkinson’s disease, but my point is, I am not a name brand kind of girl, but let me tell you, having an IPod is like no other thing I can describe and having my favorite tunes keeping me moving, yep, I move when I hear music and I try to sing but that’s like fucked. Anyways, that’s how much my hubby is trying to buy my love or maybe he is just being nice. Or, maybe h e has given up on telling me No so that when I say I want, he gets to avoid me going to get it. I don’t know but I like. What’s love but a second hand emotion…yep jamming right now.


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