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Friday, September 15, 2006

Those fucked up people.

So, I’m at the University, and I’m studying Latin, and I hear them, even with my hearing aides turned off, I hear them, and what’s worse, I see them. Who are they? They are young men and women who are members of the on campus religious group, that’s who they are, and what they do, they pass on their love, loudly, overtly physically, and annoyingly.
Why do they always have to hug, not male to male or female to female, no their damned repressed sexual selves have to do the mixed sex hug, the one that is trying so hard to restrain but their bodies can’t restrain and they hug a little too long and some grinding happens and they are sick, fucking sick. Plus they talk loudly, they want everyone to hear about how god has blessed their lives and how they are so happy and content and right where they want to be, fucking through their clothes and hoping no one knows it and, well, it’s all just way to sick to even talk about. Today’s discussion, that Rosie from the View who was talking about fundamentalists’ Christians being as dangerous as those Arab people, yes that is how they said it, those Arab people.


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