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I live in a small town and enjoy writing about the inhabitants. I spend most of my time perusing through used book stores looking for that one great book that I don't have; consequently, I have rooms filled with books. I am a book addict.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Grateful? About what?

Per Oprah's five things to be thankful for:
1. I have a roof over my head when so many haven't and the roof is sturdy.
2. My underwear are finally in style, you know, the staying in the crack thing.
3. I have a new computer and am no longer sharing my laptop with Mr. Zelda.
4. I have The Good Son.
5. My grandchildren.

I really have to work at finding good things in my life. Hmmm, I mean, yeah, I breathe, and yeah, I eat, and yeah I have comforts, but there seems to just be this crap that falls in my lap every fucking day. Crap like stupid ass freshmen who speak before thinking, yep; and sophmores, who just think the world owes them space, so they take it and won't fucking move out of my way when I need space; and the damned juniors, who are almost there and strut, yes they do; and finally the fucking seniors, who are just weird. Now, what about the other ones, you know, my peers, the graduate students. I would need a fucking book.


Blogger Mouse said...

me too. me too, but there's always something even if you have to think on it really really hard.

5:30 PM  
Blogger zelda1 said...

Yes, Mouse there is and I'm sure I can find a few more, like medication to make me feel good, and soap that doesn't make me itch, and cotton clothing, and good books, and medicine to make me happy, oh I said that. Yeah, there are more.

4:23 AM  

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