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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Homophobes doing well here on the hill.

There is a climate at the university, a fearful climate. It started with the letters to the editor. Two students gay bashed, not just gay bashed, they talked about how that gays shouldn’t have rights, that they should have their children taken away, that they are an abomination and are going to hell, they said that we should lock them up. I mean, it was so scary to think that our young folk are so filled with hate and rage to write such venom. But, as I hung out around the lobby, waiting for my class, some of the other students were reading the comments out loud and saying things like, right on, or it’s about time the Christians had a voice. You can not reason with them. It’s a really sad day when are youth are so filled with hate that they can not see a person for who they are, but instead, identify them by their sexual orientation, nationality, color, religion, and sex. We are living in bad times.


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