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Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Heat Is OFF

So, the weather is changing. We have left the triple digit heat behind and our seeing more days the eighties and rare nineties at night, fifties, yes. It is cooling off enough for a sweater a couple of mornings and today, we are having a thunder storm. It looks like a typical fall storm. Mostly loud thunder and the rain is a drizzle with a threat of a down pour. I noticed the pear trees are turning and some of the leaves on the sugar maples are turning. Even the oaks are getting their tent, that almost golden edged before the entire tree goes to a golden glorious sight.

We are eating fresh pears and apples, the fall fruit, and even the fall peaches are ripe and good. And we are also drinking fresh apple cider, and no more melons, I am tired of melons.

Last evening, hubby and I went to a dinner hosted by the head of the comparative lit department and the cultural study staff was there as well and it was so nice, for a change, to be the minority white. There were Arabs from all over the Middle East, and Latin America was well represented and it felt so good to have these people introduce us to their culture via their dress and their food and it just felt nice. It was the first time in a long time that I was happy that I chose comparative lit. Plus, I think I scored points with the head of the department. While I don’t judge others, I think he has judged me as a middle aged white woman choosing to fill her bored days by hobnobbing with the minorities and for once he saw that I don’t look down on him or any one else, that I am truly interested in their cultures, their literature, and their lives. I believe he saw that I was in deed sincere and maybe he will now recommend me for a position. Who knows. He did spend a lot of time talking to me, and his wife and I talked almost the entire time about recipes, child rearing, and of course my favorite subject, the classics. She, too, likes the classics. Go figure. He was really happy that I am taking two more semesters of Spanish so that I can take the class that I want and the instructor only teaches in Spanish. Okay, I’m off to clean my kitchen and figure out what to cook for supper, maybe the girls, the graduate students that I have adopted, will make steaks. I am letting them come over and cook. HEHE.


Blogger delagar said...

It is cooling down in Pork Smith, too. Yay. And I too am feeling more hopeful about school -- I wonder if there's a correlation? But it's mainly that my students seem to be so much better this semester. Yay!

9:22 AM  
Blogger zelda1 said...

I am feeling hopeful too. NO MORE ENGLISH CLASSES! Yep, from here on out, it's all Latin. But the heat does depress and oppress me. I so get the foul moods of us snowbird wannabes.

4:50 AM  

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