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Sunday, May 28, 2006

It's a milestone!!!

It’s over. Wow, I thought there would be gnashing and ripping of flesh, but it wasn’t so bad. I awoke yesterday to a foreboding, something in the air and when I emptied my dishwasher one was ruined, totally cut on the side, I wasn’t buying another. I mean, it’s not like before, when they were mine, always with me; no, these are independent of me, of anyone. So, back to the foreboding, the cut one, and then, I notice that the other one, the back-up, because I don’t have a lot, was nipped. That’s it, I say. No more. So I collect the unclean and one clean and through a ceremony, we put them in a bag and say by bye and now, Baby is no longer drinking from his bottle.
So much easier than when I weaned my Seven-Year-old grandson and definitely easier than when I weaned my two. My two were breasts fed and it’s not like you can put them in a bag and tell the babes to say bye bye and toss them, nope they are there, a constant tease for the baby to wonder why mommy isn’t feeding them. Maybe that’s why I breasts fed my babies until they were way too old. I don’t know. But Baby is no longer a bottle carrying tot. Do the happy dance. Oh yeah, the potty training thing. Well, I’m actually not actively doing it, but we have the chair and last night, he took his diaper off and for at least twenty minutes played getting on and off the potty chair. While there was no action, he did drop a few crayons in the bowl part and then he used a baby wipe, play pooh-pooh, either that or an artist making a statement, who knows.


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Baby is growing up already!

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