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Friday, May 19, 2006

Crossed wiring, drunk neighbors, and the whore

When I scratch my ear, my nose itches, is that normal? And, when I rub between my eyes, I feel the urge to sneeze. I wonder if my wiring is crossed.
I have two new neighbors, one, I think is a whore, the other, well there are two, are first time away from home kids and they are still drunk. I think, they got drunk the first night and have not let up. I wonder if I should go over and offer them fluids, or wait and see if they emerge. Last night, I heard loud music and when I opened my patio door, the air was thick with the smell of beer and pot.

Ahh, that wiff brought back memories of my first pad, all night pot smoking, sex in a bed and not the back seat of my boyfriend’s car, and, and, staying out as late as I wanted. That lasted all of one week, then I found out that nothing happens after midnight, sex in my bed, well it was more fun in the back seat of my boy friend’s car, and all night pot smoking, well that continued, or at least for a while. I expect the boys to tame down in a day or so, when they realize that all night drinking and staying up late and all of that will make them feel like crap and eventually someone has to pick up the beer cans before moms comes to visit.

The whore, she looks rough and never leaves her apartment, but guys come and go. She keeps a clean apartment, not cluttered like mine. I know because I saw through the windows. Whores are like that, clean; well the ones who aren’t on drugs. I wonder if she puts an add somewhere or is she spread by word of mouth. Hmm, if I ever get to know her, I will ask. It must be tough being a whore and being old. I would suppose that her income goes down as she gets older and she probably has to do more guys. That’s awful, doing more guys.


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