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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Good news, bad news, and a really fucked up legal system in the town with no name.

Yesterday, Mr. Zelda, the Good Son, and I went to the attorney, the one that is going to get me custody of my grandson. He feels confident that he can win this case; in fact, he just had a similar case and won custody for the Grandmother. I am feeling much better. He said the judge will give us 3 months of emergency custody and in that time, they will investigate her, make sure she has a home, is drug free, and has a job. Well, I know my daughter; she will keep putting off getting it together, and will probably show up to court high. Even if she goes three days without drugs, my attorney can ask for a hair test, which will prove her meth use. So, I’m feeling optimistic as can be. Also, my son and I make extremely good witnesses since we have seen her on meth and we know the signs and symptoms real well.
He said the judge will want to know why we just now started seeking custody, and I told the attorney that she, my daughter, has always either lived with me or my son, which meant the baby was safe. Now, she is homeless and moving from drug house to drug house with the baby, he is not safe. I’m getting more and more optimistic that I am going to have him by the first of may, maybe the end of this month. If he can get the paper work served before the end of this month, we might even get in front of the judge in less than two weeks. How cool is that?

As a side bar, she broke into my house, into my garage and vandalized my property and took some of my things and left a huge note that said, “Fuck You.” While she was doing this, I got a call from several people, so I called the local police department; they said it was a civil matter. She broke into my house and vandalized and the stupid cop said it was civil. He saw her there, talked to her and let her go. When I talked to him, he went nuts, started yelling at me. I asked him for his name and he hung up on me, but called me back and when I reminded him that I was the victim and he had an obligation to investigate this as a crime, he hung up on me again. I was at my house until 8 pm trying to get the police to take a police report to turn over to the prosecuting attorney. Finally one took the report. The little prick that was so rude is getting reported to the mayor and to the chief of police and to the dear editor of the local newspapers. Oh yes, I have learned that the pen is quicker than the administration in that town, so he will have his day in the paper and shortly thereafter, he will be looking for another job.
Here is what really pissed me off about the cop. Now mind you, I wasn’t yelling, I was saying more than two syllable words, which could account for his confusion, but nonetheless, he became angry when he told me that he couldn’t do anything until the chief came back from vacation. I said, “You mean, if there are crimes committed, you can’t arrest the criminal without the chief being in town.” That’s when he really got pissed. But when he called me back, he demanded to talk to my son, like I was a raving woman. I said, “I own that house, I pay the taxes on that house, and the crime was committed against me, not my son. You will talk to me and talk to me in a civilized manner.” That’s when he hung up. OH, I forgot, he even asked me where I was so he could talk to me face to face. He said it in a really threatening manner, like he would throw me against the wall and handcuff me. I’m sure he has seen that on law an order or one of those cop shows that I’m sure he watches and hangs on to every cop detail. I hate small town politics. This is a dumber than dirt kid, who got the job because he was related to the old police officer, and now he is this big bully who, like Barney Fife, walks around yelling at those people he thinks he can and those he can’t yell at, he cowers down to. In fact, my son worked for the dispatcher’s office for years, and he said this cop was the one all the other police officers make fun of. So, that is what I’m dealing with. Now, we changed the locks again, and boarded up the windows to keep her out, but I bet she goes back in and finishes what she started. She is trying to get the stove, refrigerator, and dryer out. Those are mine and she is knocking holes in my walls. She is cranked up and when she is that way, she doesn’t care. I had antic light fixtures, yep, they are gone. She has ripped the carpet to shreds and I don’t know why, unless he was just doing it to be mean. Plus, she spilled red and green crap all over the floor in the kitchen and in my old office. She is just going in and destroying crap. Yep, that’s what she is doing and the cops, well, they say it’s a civil matter. How fucked up is that?


Blogger Mike said...

How fucked up is that? I'm gonna say "very".

7:05 AM  
Blogger Mouse said...

oh my gosh! that is so not cool!

8:11 PM  
Blogger Mouse said...

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