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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sometimes you just have to say, shut the fuck up

I am hard of hearing, in fact, almost deaf. So, I’m calling my pharmacists to reorder my meds. It’s not that I actually talk to a pharmacy person, but I put in the prescription numbers and all of that. I have to listen really close to the recorded messages to know what to do. I should have it memorized but I don’t. It never fails. Here is what happens.
Me. I’m calling the pharmacy. Do you need anything refilled.
Mr. Zelda. Nope.
Me. Okay, I’m calling now. (to prevent interruptions, since I can barely hear and need no interruptions while I’m on the phone)
Pharmacy recorded voice answers and begins to tell which buttons to push for what.
Mr. Zelda as loud as he can speak, begins telling me something.
Me. Shhh!
Mr. Zelda continuing to talk as loud as he can.
Me. Shut up
Mr. Zelda again talking loudly.
Me. I’m on the fucking phone, shut the fuck up.
Mr. Zelda. Well, why didn’t you say so.
Me. Irritated and pissed. I did!


Blogger delagar said...

Heh. I say STFU all the time.

But I guess you knew that.

11:38 AM  

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