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Saturday, February 18, 2006

STupid Vice President sure ain't no hawk

The rabbits are like the grocery shoppers that see a little rain or a little snow and run to the store to buy out the shelves of bread and milk. Yep, that’s how the little rabbits are, except that the rabbits around here are brown and when it snows, they stick out like a sore thumb and they have forgotten about the hawk, see previous post, and the dogs, and the other predators. So, today, one ran across our parking lot, as fast as it could and it hopped up under my car, and the mean dog was trying so hard to get to it. So, I hated interfering, but I did, I yelled for the dog to go away and after I held my ground the dog relented and headed back to the other apartment building where he lives. I can’t say much for the coyotes that live across the street in the big field, but finally the rabbit did come out and went into the shrubs around my door. I put some greens and celery out for him and hopefully he will stay safe for another day.
Which brings me to the stupid vice president who has the audacity to hunt, at those hunting farms, and then shooting little quails that you know he doesn’t eat and then shoots his friend, and in all of that, the stupid VP only talks about me, it’s me, that feels so bad, it’s me that will be haunted the rest of my life, me, me, me. Not, how sad for the man he almost killed. On the chain of beings, he is lower than a snake, more closely to a carrion eater, like say a buzzard. Even buzzards have some scruples, their food comes from accidents not from having animals tamed and fed and then shot. Okay, take me back to the days before men though hunting made them men, when hunting was done to provide for the family both food and clothes and the hunting was done quick and little if any suffering was done. Not, like now, carrying a big gun makes a man feel, well, it could be an extension of their not so manliness. I don’t know, but I do know that Stupid Vice President, only carries a gun when it is to kill small animals or wound his friends, not to defend his country or other countries that are needing defending.


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