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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Maybe snow!

It is really very cold today, and there is a rumor we might get snow. I’m hoping the rumor is fact, and that we get a really good snow and ice storm. I know that’s not what most people wish for, but I like the extreme. IN fact, when I finally get my Master’s and if I decide to go else where for my PhD, I am going to pick a cold and snowy state. I, too, will pick a snowy state to teach. I’m thinking right on the border, way up north.

Now, Mr. Zelda, he likes the tropical climate, and he is trying to convince me to move to the Keys. While I like the Keys, I don’t think I would like living there year in and year out. Nope, that would be too depressing. Imagine no snow.

So, right now, I am watching the squirrels, missing my grandson, who my daughter has taken away, and waiting for the snow.

Yes, she took him and won’t give him back. I don’t have a legal leg to stand on. I have to just wait until she decides to bring him back, which usually happens in a day or so. My son is there with her in my house, and I know Buttons is safe, but, I was going to slowly get him use to the day care center, and she has messed this all up. My son told me that if she leaves, he will call me and I can come and get the baby. When she leaves, it usually means she is going to get cranked up and when she is cranked up, well, unfortunately her children are the last thing she thinks about. So, I’m hoping that she will not do drugs, first and foremost, I’m hoping she becomes what I know she is capable of being, a good mother, but if she doesn’t, I am going back and taking my grandson. Last night, my son said she is clean, that she went to her probation officer, and the probation officer threatened to put her in jail if she heard one more complaint about her from anyone. She also told my daughter that she was having the police watch her. So, maybe this will scare her enough. I can only hope, right. My son is there and will monitor the situation. Oh, that was what he gave me for Christmas, he moved in with my daughter, so he could be there for my grandsons and be there for my daughter. He did turn the gas back on and stocked the refrigerator with food and he says she is eating. He also said she is sleeping a lot, which means she is coming down.

But we are getting snow, I am happy. Snow, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


Blogger Mouse said...

Snow would make this dreary day worth it, but really I want some sunshiny happy days. Anywho, maybe the whole daughter thing is taking a turn for the better. Hope so. I can remember a better momma in your daughter, one that was excited about every new thing Buttons did.

11:33 AM  

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