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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

When Mama Visits

Sometimes, I dream about people from my past and ones in my present. It is really weird, and for the last two nights, I have been dreaming about my mother, who died when I was a child. In these dreams, she is always very much alive and I can’t get anyone to believe me, our old home is standing and she is there and I try and try to get my children, my siblings to follow me to the house to check on her but they don’t have time. I finally get a friend of mine, someone that I just met at school, and she and I go and I am suddenly a child again and trying to convince my mother that she did actually die and that was why we had not visited and that the house had burned down and now it was back and I am expecting her to be a demon but don’t care because she is my mother and so I wait on her to either go back to being dead, or have her being a live validated by my family, who won’t come and visit. It is such a nightmare but a nightmare that I don’t want to wake from. This morning when I did finally wake up, I tried to go back to sleep, to see our old house, and see her standing in the door, but the vision was gone, the dream vaporized, and all I got was memories of her funeral. That sucked.


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