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Monday, September 19, 2005

Last night, I watched a little of the Emmys, mostly to see Macy Gray. I love her singing, she isn’t a diva and her voice is something I can relate to and her words are great. So, I watch her perform and mostly channel hop between. But my point is that these men and women, who dress in clothes that cost more than a few months wages of the average person and have people do everything from makeup to nails to putting their clothes and jewels on, have no clue. They give their regards to the soldiers, to the victims of Katrina, and to what ever other cause they feel compelled to mention but they really have no clue or they have forgotten what it is like to be in need. How can they get on national television, especially when our country is in such need and in such turmoil, and celebrate their fortune? I don’t get it. Hey look at me, I am successful, I am rich, I can wear one dress worth thousands and then toss it away, I am famous and if I really wanted to, I could help but will give a few thousand even though you poor folks have given me millions. We should boycott those egotistical freaks and see how much their money means after a few of their movies or their television programs flop. I say, because I am so Marxists, let the poor rise up and let us boycott those without-a-clue-rich folks. Stay away from the movies, the TVs, the rental places, and let these people lose some money. Why should we continue to make them rich? It’s time we do something about our circumstances and let the rich see that while we can’t forcibly take it from them, we can, at least, make them aware that they got there because we support them and in return most of them pay cheap lip service to social issues and if they do give money, it is misappropriate to their bank accounts. Let them do like Rosie or Oprah put their money where their mouth is and dig deep and give.


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