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Friday, September 23, 2005

Some people are just too stupid

A fellow Latin student, who shall remain nameless but has bright blond hair, store bought breasts, and a nose that looks totally brand new, tells the class that Tyson treats their chickens so well that before they kill them, they put them in a dark room and play classical music in order to calm them down. I say that is coming after the weeks they spent in an overcrowded chicken house living next to dead and dying chickens, then getting thrown into cages and boarded upon a giant truck where if they stick their head out the wind blows it right off and a few manage, because of overcrowding, to break through and fall to their death from a truck going 75 miles an hour and because one came through, a few more fall out. Then they get to this wonderful humane place where the employees have the intelligence of a moth and where the turn out for employees is great and where grown men play horrible games like squeezing the shit out of the chicken while aiming at their co-workers, and some of those chickens have the misfortune of not dying even after being shocked and ran through a place where their heads are sliced off and those who live are ran through the scalding water and if they live that are butchered…did you get the point that they are still alive. The guy in front of me says they are just chickens. Is the world full of fucktards? I am so on the urge of not ever eating meat again. It’s now that when I do eat chicken, I think about the poor life that was so cruelly sacrificed, and beef is the same and we have given up pork. Yesterday was a no meat day and I am going to try, at least once or twice a week to go meatless until I can completely give up the barbaric act of eating lower life forms.


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