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I live in a small town and enjoy writing about the inhabitants. I spend most of my time perusing through used book stores looking for that one great book that I don't have; consequently, I have rooms filled with books. I am a book addict.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

what is nice

It would be nice, or at least for a minute or two, to not have to do but just be. You know what I mean? Just do whatever I wanted to do and not have to think how it is that I can do this, like be totally rich and get up and not have to decide what to do or if I can do or whatever, but just get out of bed and walk on my already clean floor and eat my already cooked breakfast and then go play while others clean up my messes and than I go shop and buy whatever I want and never look at the price tag and go to school and study what ever I want and not have to worry about financial aide or if it will pay for two or three degrees or just go to school to learn with no goal in mind and when I have learned all there is, then find another subject of interest. Wouldn’t that be nice?


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