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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A Life Sentence

Somewhere I have to stop, I have to stop paying my daughter’s bills. I have to say, “Okay, you didn’t pay the electric bill for two months and now they are going to turn it off.” But, if I do that, then, my grandchildren will go without electricity. So, last night while my husband moaned and groaned about the almost 400 dollars that he says we really don’t have, I paid her bill. I have, however, taken the cell phone from her due to a 1000-dollar phone bill that she will never pay and it is in my name and on my plan so I paid it. There goes my little vacation up north. When does it stop? That’s his question but for me it is not a question that I can answer. I cannot let my grandchildren not have electricity or water or gas or food or clothes or any of the other things they need and that they want.
My older sister, the one who raised me, is throwing a fit about the financial burden that my daughter has placed on me. My husband, and understandably so, is voicing is complaints and anger at me working on my new job to take care of my daughter, who is near 30-years-old. I just want to continue life without all these stresses and if it means paying her fucking utility bills, then so be it. It is, after all, keeping my grandchildren safe. When I tell my friends to think long and hard before they commit to having a baby, I really mean it. It’s like the major consequence of having unprotected sex. Kind of like getting herpes, or aids, or any other STD, it’s for life.


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