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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

They are in such a hurry and for what?

I have noticed something about students; they are all in a hurry to get through school. They are all, or for the most part, young and have a long life ahead, yet, they want to hurry up and get out of school and get a job and get to doing what they will be doing for the rest of their life. So, I say, take your time, avoid summer school, go to Rome, take less hours of your degree plan and expand your horizon by taking a class that might lead you to some other choice, plan on graduate school, do the tours, join the clubs, get out of college all that your money has put in, besides the athletic thing. They look at me as if I have just tried to sell them flooded swampland. Some day, they will remember the old woman in the corridor and say wow, I wish I would have listened. I could have my PhD and that Rome trip would have been so sweet and why didn’t I join the multicultural women’s group and I could have heard that author speak and now he has a Pulitzer and I missed getting to know him. Why, in our country, are old people the last person that young people listen to?


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