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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Time for a weather change

Okay, it is raining like cats and dogs and the water is rushing and the wind is blowing and alas, it is cooling down. I can feel the fall air coming. It is great. So, I’m sitting here at the computer looking out at the trees bending in the wind, my patio door is open so I am hearing it as well and to be honest, it feels so good. Soon, my noodles will be cooked and I can eat them and some cheese and that part of my day will be over and from here out, it is Petronius and I. My Latin teacher said that I was doing well, especially in the translations. He also invited me to come crash their Latin/Greek party and I said I would. I can’t join because I have to be in Latin a year and as you all know, I have been tutored so it isn’t official but I am still getting an invitation to attend their party. How cool is that? And, he said I was doing well and now all that studying is for not, and I am motivated to study longer and harder to show him that I can be more than good. Latin, noodles, and rain, what more can a person ask for?


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