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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Binary oppositions of the breasts

I don’t understand young or old girls wanting big breasts, not normal breasts, big huge blue veined breasts that seem to come up to their chins even without a bra and how they, these girls and women are so proud of their freakish anatomy that is obvious storebought and they wear too small of tops so that more than cleavage is seen and almost nipples and they have the arms of their tank tops too big so that from the side you see nothing but huge bulging breasts, it is obscene and my friend says don’t look and I say, I can’t help it they are on display and being how I am a creature of curiosity, can’t miss a display.

I had the misfortune or fortune, depending on who is looking at it, to grow up with big breasts, not huge, but they were big enough to keep many men’s eyes on my chest and not my face and even though I didn’t exploit them in any way shape or form. No, I dressed conservatively, except the T-shirt, which was always worn over a bra that had enough padding to keep the nipple well concealed. It was a burden, not the weight because they weren’t that big, but it was a burden being 18, working at the hospital and having the security guard, who was attracted to my chest, follow me down the hall to the little snack room and then I have to fight off his advances and I am too young to know and it was before women could actually voice sexual harassment. He became so bothersome that I quit going anywhere without another nursing student with me. Then there were the doctors who insisted that the students make rounds with them and who for the most part took that opportunity to take charts out of our arms and cope a cheap feel and that bothered me more than the security guard, who you kind of expect that mentality from an uneducated man but not from an educated professional.

Anyway, why do women want to put a beacon on their own sexuality? Do they actually enjoy the jeering men, the lustful looks, the not looking at the face in conversation? I was so glad when my girls started to take the form of an old woman’s breasts. I was so happy when they were no longer the objects of men’s desires. Every once in a while, I see an older man take a cheap look at my bosom, that is what older women have, and they do it in a very guilty looking way. It’s as if they are looking at their mom’s breasts. How funny. Breasts, gotta wonder why they evolved or were placed or however we arrived here, but why did they, the breasts come with two functions, to satisfy the hungers of mankind and why when they are satisfying the hunger of a newborn baby or even toddler, the feeling is of such protection and nurturing and then when they are used for the other, the feeling is so different. Makes me wonder what sick mind did that?


Blogger Mouse said...

you know, I miss you being here to tell Noodle and me about your random little thoughts.

1:14 PM  
Blogger zelda1 said...

I miss giving you and Marsha my random rattles. These kids up here, or some of these kids, miss the point. It's like they are a decade or two behind socially and comically, that is. Plus most of them have the money to and do buy those great big freakish breasts so when I make jokes about them, well they kind of don't like it. I say, why did you go and make a mountain out of a mole hill and the guys crack up and the big breasted freaks just look at me.

1:44 PM  

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