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Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Little Green Phantoms and a Job

The Gideons were at the University passing out little green Bibles. Most of the students passed them by, a few took the books and deposited them on the nearest table, but when the man saw me, he actually talked to me, something I think they are not supposed to do. He offered me the Bible, I say I have many Bibles, he says this one will fit in your back pack, I say why would I want it in my backpack, he says to study god’s words, I say they are not god’s words, he says inspired, I say no, he says yes, I say I’m Jewish, he says it has two books added just for you Jews, I say those are not part of my Bible. He shrugs and I say by. I get to the library and outside, in the rain, on the little bench are a stack of little green bibles and as I approached a young girl added her gift to the collection. I wonder, do those men from that organization really think this University is such a den of iniquity and if so, do they think that giving little hard to read testaments will make a difference? Also, I am thinking that just maybe the money used in producing and passing out said little green books might be spent on more useful things like clothes or food or housing for our many victims of Katrina and I think God would like that much better, that charity thing is big on his list along with hospitality. Oh, I got a job, a really good job, working in the library in the special collections for the Pryor library, transcribing tapes of anything relating to him from all forms of media and after that, cataloging documents. I think it will be fun, and the money that I make I can actually use to buy much needed things like books.


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