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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Teaching and Learning

I am going to get involved with ESL. It is where they teach English to non-speakers of English. I am very excited and am especially excited since it is right down the road from me. They are sending me the stuff and I can do the orientation class this weekend or next. I can teach every night or one night. They are so glad to have a volunteer and I am glad to have the opportunity. My point, well none just that sometimes when I am really getting manic and the world really gets to me, I find if I do things for others, my brain slows down a bit. I also called about helping to get help get a GED class for Katrina’s victims that are here in my area. They say it is a great idea and will go through the same place as ESL but right now they are just meeting basic needs.

The good news, I don’t have a quiz tomorrow. Did I tell you guys that my new name…well my Latin name is Lila Drusilla. I am going to research her out. She was a mean Roman woman and I wanted someone mean. Ha! I tell me Latin teacher. Name me after a villain or a slut; I don’t want to be a nice person. He says Lila had a lot of kids but was mean. I will see. Latin is so much fun and I love what I am learning. I think everyone should learn at least one of the classics. It makes your brain work better, I swear.


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