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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Latin and Kids and Age all in one.

I really should be studying for my Latin quiz, but I am so not in the mood to study. To me, studying is like writing; it takes that part of my brain to kick in and usually comes after my third cup of coffee. I am a morning person; therefore, everything occurs after coffee cup three. Yep, sleep is for evening, work is for early morning. So, around two, I get up and put on the coffee and start my day. Here it is 4 and I am still thinking about that work.
Yesterday, an interesting thing happened. Most times, I think the other students don’t really see me, they are all so tall and walk so fast and seem to be in that world that kids are in with music thingys or cell phones permanently attached to their ears. I was walking to the Union, a great place to see freshmen acting stupid, but for me it was to get food. Anyway, I stepped up on the sidewalk and my gait isn’t strong and I almost stumbled and a very tall and cute and young lad grabbed my hand and steadied me and says you okay and I say yes and thank you and he smiles and says want me to carry that, talking about my backpack and I say thanks but no, I can do it. He walked on and I walked on. Now, to the average person it was a kid being nice to an old woman but to me it was much more, it was being accepted as part of the school, not an outsider, but one that is part of a whole and when that part needs help the others offer. See, that’s an optimist. Meanwhile, the young girl who was walking a few feet in front of me and is my friend says wow he was cute and I say what’s more important is he is a gentleman, a lesson to learn. If a man offers a woman a hand to steady her, then he will, more than likely, be a good man to have around. That is why Mr. Zelda is here, well that and the screwing in of the light bulbs and the taking off the lids off of new jars of mayonnaise and putting gas in the car and air in the tires and carrying out the trash, but, it’s the hand offered to help me up on the curb that I appreciate the most. Another interesting thing, my friend’s mother is ten years younger than me. I am sure when my friend meets people at school and makes more friends, I will fade into the background and will still be her friend but young people need young people. That is why I introduce her to all the young people I meet. But, some people just have old souls and maybe my friend will always be more comfortable around people her parent’s age or older. That is something I will have to think about.


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Guys like that give me hope for the earth.

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