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Monday, September 05, 2005

That's my girl.

I am so proud of my daughter. This comes after many weeks of wanting to push her back into my womb in spite of the pain it may cause me. But today, she calls me and says, mom the cops came by my house, which is really my house, today and say that I am getting new neighbors and to buy extra locks. She then says to the cops my neighbor isn’t moving and the cop says I know that, but they are bringing a bunch of them New Orleans folks up here and they are putting a few of them in the gym until housing can be found. Now the cop doesn’t just say them folks but includes a few racial slurs and my daughter tells him how happy she is that her town is doing something and it’s about time the lily white community has some color. She then goes inside and proceeds to fill bags full of clothes for her new neighbor and includes dishes and pots and pans and things that she has been holding on to forever, things she doesn’t need. She puts toys in and tells me to buy extra school supplies for those who have children and will I get other things and I say yes. She says she is calling the churches to make sure they are doing food drives and all of that. She tells me on the phone, aren’t you glad I kept all these things, now someone will finally get some use of them. I say, you did put good clothes and she says yes, good clothes. It’s times like these that I know they gave me the right baby girl.
Before I hung up the phone, I told her this was her chance to be a part of something really great. I say, you can become friends with people who can teach you so much. I reminded her how when they brought the Vietnamese to Fort Chaffee I was very involved in helping with their healthcare needs. She said now is my chance to say someday that I helped. I said yes but don't do it for the praise, do it because it is the right thing to do. I also told her the next time she hears those ignorant sobs with their racial crap to tell them their ignorance is showing.


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Good for her!

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