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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Just Shoot Me Now!!!

Half naked girl says to horny guy that she is glad the refugees are coming here, it is the godly thing to do she says. She stretches her arms of over her head revealing her too tiny iliac crests and the faint indention at the top of the pubis symphsis and she adds that she is glad too that her church is getting way involved in helping and that she helped sort clothes. He, the young lad, tried to hide the woody he was sporting but him being so young and all, well those woodys will not hide. She continues to say my mom might adopt a family and all because my parents are really into helping since my dad is like a deacon and you know the deacons have to set the standard. The boy smiles and watches her breasts jiggle as she moves her arms from above her head to her pockets and that movement excites him more than seeing the lower half and she continues saying my mom is just worried about, well you know, they are not all civilized acting coming from down there where they have that Mardi thing and plus, she says, my dad thinks that having a black family in our house might not be good. They have oils in their skin that makes marks on things. The boy’s still listening and his woody is still there and then she says but they are asking for a white family or something like that. He laughs and says yeah, but it’d be great to have like a bunch of them in your house to like cook and stuff. I cleared my throat and they look at me and then the two walk off.


Blogger delagar said...

Ai and good God. I wish I could say I was surprised.

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