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Monday, September 05, 2005

It's just Latin.

It’s too early to be up but I can’t help it. Latin. Yep, the dead language is keeping me very much alive and well, perplexed but well. I am translating the works of Petronius and while the little stories that we are doing are funny and cute and sexual, very sexual, there are these clauses that he uses and lots and lots of gerunds and participles, which in English are not a problem for me, but in Latin are very complicated. I am thinking that I will never get it all straight in my head or on paper but today is another day and perhaps I will get it.

I should have spent the entire weekend translating, but I had the youngest of my grandsons and he did not allow me to spend attention on anything but him. I took him home Sunday. I should have dropped him off and came straight back here to study but Mr. Zelda and I went to the theater and watched The Brothers Grimm. It was funny and scary with a lot of sound, loud sounds, and a lot of special effects; however, while I didn’t care too much for the sound or the special effects, the storyline was pretty good.

In the meanwhile, I am suffering with this head cold and trying to not take anything because that would make the dead language harder to bring to life and again the question arises, “Why am I doing this?” Then I stop questioning, because I can.

So, back to translating and reading and looking words up, almost every single word and hopefully, I will be ready for the quiz. Yes, he quizzes every single class meeting. But he is surely cute and funny so I can abide the quizzes.


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