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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Free Meat, Clouds, and Neighbors

Last night, Mr. Zelda and I redeemed the eat-free-up-to-fifty-dollars letter that I got as a result of poor service at one of those really trendy, expensive steak houses. The free meal was a result of a complaint lodged by me. One night a few weeks back, we were seated next to a table where the foursome had a dog. Yep, not a working dog, but a family pet. He was well behaved, didn’t bark, wag his tail, or even beg for food. But, the waitress kept go by and touching the dog, and then serving us our food.
Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs, and think they are necessary to the existence of a decent quality of life for us humans; however, I don’t want them in my restaurant where my steak cost a fortune. I don’t want the waitress touching the dog and then serving me. I know, I touch dogs all the time, and then plop food in my mouth, but it isn’t the same. Nope, I don’t expect to see dogs in the place where I go out to eat. So, I sent a letter of complaint and got a free meal.

We redeemed the free meal. We both got the largest steaks and while Mr. Zelda kept saying, “You will never eat all of that.” I tried and tried and got a good portion of it down. He ate his entire 17 oz steak. I watched him taking bite after bite after bite. My steak was delicious and I wanted to eat it all even the fatty gristle, but I couldn’t.

Afterwards, we drove around in our new city, the clouds were low and off the sides of the hills we watched them and were reminded of the Blue Ridge Mts. Later, I ate yogurt and he complained about his belly hurting, I said, “No wonder, you pigged out.”

Getting out of the truck, yes we drive a truck, not a big truck, but a truck, our neighbor greeted us, and I introduced Mr. Zelda and myself to him. He apologized for his loud music; I apologized for my screaming obscenities at, well you know, Mr. Zelda. He said I never hear a sound. I looked at Mr. Zelda and said, “See we don’t have to whisper all the time.”

All in all it was a nice evening. While I translated a little Spanish, he kept complaining about his belly. Finally, I went to bed. I slept straight through from midnight until 6 a.m. That is a first in a really long time. I didn’t even have a weird dream.

I wonder, is there magic to free things?


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