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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Cow's Secretions for Cows only?

In class yesterday, my favorite professor asked the question what is abomination. Let me back track. We are reading Wild Seed, by Butler and for those who have not read the novel, the protagonist finds offensive many of the customs practiced in the new country where she was brought. The main custom was drinking cow’s milk. YUCK, it made her sick. That brought up the conversation of why animal milk would be more offensive to drink than say human milk, which is the milk designed for our bodies, or our babies’ bodies. Cow’s milk, on the other hand, is filled with fat globules, which are hard to digest, as evidenced by so many lactose intolerant people, and allergens, as evidenced by so many infants experiencing allergic reactions to cow’s milk.

This made me want to do a little research on the topic of cow’s milk and here is what I found:

Pesticides have been found in cow’s milk. These pesticides make their way from the grass to the cow, from the cow to the human, and from the human to their hepatic system where the liver cannot filter the chemicals out, eventually leading to cancer or other immune diseases.

Cow’s milk is meant to make little calves big in a hurry so it is easy to see why people who drink milk have problems with obesity.

Cow’s milk is full of globules of fat, which translates to lactulose intolerance for all of those people who can’t handle those fatty acids so early in the digestive process.

Many people, babies in particular, have allergic reactions to cow’s milk either gastrointestinal symptoms or it manifests itself through ear infections or upper respiratory symptoms.
Some evidence has connected cow’s milk to diabetes.

I’m sure there are more arguments against the use of cow’s milk in favor of breasts milk for infants but these are serious considerations for adults too. I, for one, am going to look for alternatives to cow’s milk. Maybe soy or rice milk, or in the least, skim milk will do for a while.


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