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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Ignorant is as ignorant does

I think I will make this a blog about all those stupid people that I have the misfortune to run into on a daily basis. I had to go and buy two binders for one of my classes, the most logical place would have been to go to Wal-Mart or K-Mart, but I am at school so I decided to make a trip to the college book store. What a fun place that is. I am not sure what the requirements are for working there other than being number one asshole in the universe or having an IQ of say a frog and being a number one asshole in the universe but nonetheless, the students have to endure.

I couldn’t find the size binder that I needed so the guy tries to get me to buy four thereby having the same capacity as two but costing almost three times as much. I keep saying no, that I had seen larger ones in here last time and he says yeah but they are in the back and I say well can’t you go get them and he says yeah but I am doing the cash register. I look around and see no one in the store but a few other employees and I say can one of those guys go, he says they are there to help customers and I say I AM A CUSTOMER AND I NEED HELP. He then tries to calm me down and I am thinking what a fucking dick.

Eventually someone with gray hair walks in and I say can you get me a larger folder and he says yep and says to the guys doing nothing to go to the back and get me two big folders. Isn’t it nice to know that while the world is full of assholes and ignorant asses, there are still men and women with gray hair that know what needs to be done.


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