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Friday, August 05, 2005

Binary Opposition?

I’m at school and there is no one in the building but the janitor and me. He looks so unhappy, he is new. Our old janitor has been sent elsewhere, I am glad because this guy, at least, cleans the toilets and mops the floors. YEAH! But he doesn’t smile. Now the other guy, if I smiled at him, took that as a license to touch and talk and tell me too much information. See, why is it that you can’t be too friendly and you have to decide on that person before you can even be nice. Is that a female issue or do men have the same problem with some women?

I don’t want people to think I am a snob. “Oh yeah, you have a degree, you’re too smart for the janitors, you are going to graduate school, oooh, maybe I shouldn’t talk to you.” See, that is what I want to avoid, but then, when I am nice, it gets all twisted.

Now, here I am worried that the new janitor doesn’t like me. Maybe he thinks I think I am too good. I don’t know but I hate these feelings of inferiority and then fear of superiority. Is there ever going to be a balance?


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