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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Mini Vacation

I am home today. Yep, I have today and tomorrow off and of course the week-end. But the good thing about having today and tomorrow off is that I am alone. Mr. Zelda1 will be working all day, and then he has class until 8pm and the long drive home will get him walking in the door around 9pm. It’s a writer’s heaven. He won't be here asking me where something is, or what am I thinking, or can I move over so he can attach a wire, or when are we eating, or any of those annoying things that he seems to do. It's not like he can't go to the kitchen and fix a sandwich because he does it when I am not here. And why can't he turn on garbage disposal and why can't he clean the plates??? He doesn't even have to load them in the dishwasher, just rinse them out. Geeze!

Unfortunately, I will spend the majority of the day finishing unpacking, next, I will either finish the science fiction short story for my science fiction class or I will write a paper on how Octavia Butler deconstructs the social archetypes and stereotypes of the white writer in her book Wild Seed. The paper will not be too hard since I have already some experience in this type of paper. I see similarities between Morrison and Butler in the way they deconstruct the stereotypes, and last semester I wrote a paper on how Morrison does the same plus how she uses the white aesthetic to bust open and define the new black aesthetic. But I already have the short story finished. I mean, it just needs to be edited. But the research and the proof of my thesis on the paper will be so much fun. What to do? It’s not like I need to put an effort in this class for Pete’s sake, I already graduated and I am taking it for fun. So for fun would mean for a challenge so maybe I need to do something that is a challenge. Creative writing is way too easy for me so maybe I should do the academic paper. Okay, I’ll drink more coffee, unpack more and decide.

Meanwhile, life is good here in the mountains of Arkansas. I am beginning to really like the little town house that we are renting. A man cuts the bushes, not like at my house where we cut the bushes. That’s great. Also, it only takes me five minutes to clean the kitchen. It is so small that I don’t have all that space to dirty up when I am cooking.

And, I am finally online. That is the best thing, being online. I love technology and being connected to cyberspace at all times. I love having new reading material at my fingertips and blogging and news and google and the library and all of that stuff at my fingertips. Life is good here on the mountain. Did I just see an eagle fly by or was it a hawk?


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